20 days of tortillas

April 17, 2020
This is a blog I’ve been wanting to write since I started Taco Addicts. People always ask us what the difference between a ‘taco’ and a ‘tortilla’ is. We’re now more than 3 years into the business, and people still ask us regularly. Even the stockists at Moore Wi...
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We’re not called Enchilada Addicts, but if I had to choose another dish that I am addicted to when I’m home in Austin, it would totally be the enchilada! There’s something about an enchilada plate that is really satisfying. I also felt it was a fitting time to blog the...
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This post is going to be incredibly short. The soft taco - it’s pretty much every other taco apart from the crispy taco! It’s all the tacos we make at Taco Addicts, the ones you get at Viva Mexico, and (hopefully) most other Mexican restaurants in New Zealand. It’s wha...
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I love flour tortillas. There’s nothing like biting into a fresh, hot, delicious flour tortilla. The combination of the soft, crispy, and chewy dough is irresistible. Hopefully this love comes across in our tortillas.I’m sure you know parts of this story - the Spaniards ...
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Maize (corn), chocolate (cacao), tomatoes, beans, chilies, avocados, papaya, vanilla - most of these are foods you could probably find in your kitchen on a weekly basis, and all of them originate from Mexico! It's no wonder that I'm obsessed with the cuisine - everything del...
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If you grew up in New Zealand, or any state in the USA that doesn’t share a border with Mexico [with some exceptions such as New York], you most likely grew up with hard tacos in your life. The crispy taco is a corn tortilla that has been fried, and can then be filled (usu...
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