20 days of tortillas

This is a blog I’ve been wanting to write since I started Taco Addicts. People always ask us what the difference between a ‘taco’ and a ‘tortilla’ is. We’re now more than 3 years into the business, and people still ask us regularly. Even the stockists at Moore Wilsons regularly call us to discuss orders and say something like ‘we need more tacos!’ But Moore Wilsons sells our tortillas, not our tacos.

Therefore, it’s time to put the tortilla and the taco into context for New Zealanders! And what better time to sit down and write this than while on lockdown in my house, dreaming of making tacos for you again. 

So, what IS the difference between a taco and a tortilla?


a taco!

a taco!

The easiest way to remember is this: think of a piece of bread. Now, name some things that you can do with that piece of bread…

You can make it into a piece of toast, a sandwich, a toastie, a mousetrap, soldiers for your eggs, etc. I bet you can think of more things than I can!

The same goes for a tortilla. A tortilla is like your slice of bread. In Mexico, the tortilla is eaten with almost every meal, in many different forms. A tortilla is versatile - it can be made into a taco, a flauta, enchiladas, chalupas, etc. It doesn’t have to be filled - sometimes it’s used to mop clean your plate (like you would with a piece of bread).

The idea of this blog is that I am going to write [about] 20 posts. Each blog will be short, but focus on one thing you can do with tortillas. There may be a recipe from me, or a link to someone else’s recipe, but the idea is that at the end of the blog, you’ll have a bunch of new ideas of what to do with [Taco Addicts] tortillas in your kitchen!

Please note: this is a blog, intended to be interesting and entertaining. These are my opinions and observations and may be littered with some facts. The history lessons may not be 100% accurate as my knowledge comes from years of accumulated information, but I am trying (and hoping) to be as accurate as possible.


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