a little bite of Austin in Wellington

Kia ora, we're Taco Addicts!

Taco Addicts is a small, local business serving taco lovers in/around Wellington. Owner & Chief Taco Maker Amber Sturtz, and the small team, create delicious Austin style, Tex-Mex tacos for you, right here.

The emphasis is on fresh, seasonal and local ingredients available in New Zealand. We value environmental responsibility, composting, and recycling whenever possible. We like to think we’re a food truck with a difference!

Amber hails from Austin, Texas, and made New Zealand her home in 2005. During her career in travel & tourism, she dreamed of opening a taco truck in Wellington. She retrained to become a chef; worked in cafes, catering and a hotel, and in 2016 Taco Addicts was born.
Her hometown of Austin is often considered the most taco-obsessed city in the USA. Throw a rock and you will most likely hit a taqueria.  
A lot of people have this idea that Tex-Mex is yellow cheese and sour-cream, ground beef and crispy taco shells. This isn't what Tex-Mex is to us. It's fresh, it's delicious, it's inspired by Mexico but it uses what is locally available.

Owner and Chief Taco Maker
Owner and Chief Taco Maker

What our customers say

"Best tacos in Wellington! I find myself ordering as many vegan ones as meat-based too - thanks for bringing a little slice of Austin here Amber!! 5 stars!"

Alan Crowe

"I assumed I wouldn't be able to find authentic Tex-Mex tacos anywhere in Wellington - much less vegan ones - and have to do without. I tried a few places that claimed to have authentic tacos and burritos, but they weren't what I expected. Not bad, just different to what Tex-Mex actually is. I came across Taco Addicts at the Vegan Vault and tried two of their vegan tacos, and they did not disappoint. The flavor combinations were well thought out, and all the ingredients were super fresh. The wholemeal soft tortilla shells were just right, so it's like eating mini burritos. I found out the taco chef is from Austin, Texas, which is arguably the epicenter of the best Tex-Mex food; so you know this is as good as it gets in Wellington!! I can only speak to the vegan tacos, but I'm assuming the omni tacos are brilliant as well."

via Facebook, Brent et Buddy


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