Tacos for Everyone

Everything we serve is made in house – from the tortilla to the salsa; the spice mix on the “choriz-no”; to the shredded brisket; our special Vegan Taco Sauce. If we can’t make it, e.g. feta, we try and find a great supplier who can, e.g. Zany Zeus. We support local. We try to find the best ingredients. We only use free-range meat. We offer vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free and omnivore options. We don't think you should have to miss out because you have dietary requirements.

Lots of people ask - how are Austin style tacos different from those in Mexico?
Texas is close to Mexico, with a large Hispanic and Latin population, so it draws a lot of influence from various regions of Mexico. However it has developed its own distinct taco culture. In Texas you can get a BBQ taco because Texans love BBQ. Also, tacos in Austin are often served on a flour tortilla.
Here in NZ, we’ve tried to create a similar vibe, with a menu that always offers at least two plant-based options, because Amber was raised mostly vegetarian and loves playing with vegetables.  With Canterbury-grown wheat available here in NZ, we hand-make all of our tortillas. At events, we offer the option of a plain flour, wholemeal flour, or a corn tortilla (gluten free, yo) to contain your choice of fillings.


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