20 days of tortillas: Soft Tacos

This post is going to be incredibly short. The soft taco - it’s pretty much every other taco apart from the crispy taco! It’s all the tacos we make at Taco Addicts, the ones you get at Viva Mexico, and (hopefully) most other Mexican restaurants in New Zealand. It’s what you can make, at home, with our Taco Addicts tortillas. However, your tortilla cannot be called a taco until you put some fillings inside and fold it!

a few of our tacos, ready for customers!

a few of our tacos, ready for customers!

To make a soft taco at home: take a fresh tortilla (corn or flour is ok), heat it up on a dry frying pan for about 30-45 seconds per side & fill it with your favourite ingredients - these can be chicken or not chicken, beef or beans, fish or fush - top it with some veggies if you like (I like lettuce or thinly shredded cabbage), perhaps some cheese, and definitely absolutely a must - some salsa or hot sauce!

To make this post a tiny bit longer - I’ll tell you a story about my taco obsessions. Whenever I’m home in Austin for a visit, I always go on a taco tour. Think of a pub crawl, but instead of pints, you get a taco at each place. We create a schedule - with a few old favourites like Tamale House East, and Taco More; and then I ask for recommendations from friends living in Austin for new places that are amazing and have opened since I was last home. It’s always a fantastic day out! People can join with the first breakfast taco and follow along for the entire day, or they can come when convenient for one taco. It’s a great way to catch up with lots of friends in one day, and I get to eat lots of tacos. Inevitably, we end up getting pretty full around 3 or 4pm, and stopping for happy hour margaritas somewhere (meaning a table full of chips and salsa leading to a more full belly!) before we carry on for 1 or 2 more dinner tacos. So here are a few photos from past taco tours in Austin.

Back to New Zealand now - the options for items you can make with a tortilla don’t end here...otherwise this blog would be called 5 days of tortillas! From this point in the blog, let’s not taco about tacos - let’s taco about all the other things you can make. And if you, like me, have a bit of extra time on your hands at the moment - grab some tortillas from your local supermarket, and let’s get creative in the kitchen!


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