Tofu Choriz-no

Taco Addicts


When Amber started Taco Addicts, she wanted to create a product that reminded her of the chorizo available in her hometown, but vegetarian. This choriz-no is made from tofu that's been marinated in a secret spice blend similar to the ingredients they use for chorizo in Mexico. Unlike chorizo sausages common in Spain; in Mexico, chorizo is often loose, and can be used in a variety of ways. 

You can pan fry this choriz-no for use in tacos, burritos or on nachos. Use it to form into your favourite veggie burger patties, or use as a topping on pizza. 

Our choriz-no is one of the components of our most popular tacos.
Included: 300g with cooking instructions.

Refrigerated product available for Wellington pick up only.

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